Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Letter #3: Open Letter Series to the Characters in my Head

My Dearest Ellie,

Sitting side-by-side on the funeral home steps we mourned the loss together. You grieved for your friend and I for her story that I thought I’d lost forever. We sat there together, you and I, thinking that all hope was lost. Until one day you told me to start over. This time I would write about our loss. With you by my side I did just that. Each word and and phrase added one on top of the other until one day I stepped back and saw that there was hope after all. I had my book and you had your second chance.

My dearest Ellie, I know our story, was a trying one. The long road to hope was peppered with loss and  you feel like a failure for sharing your weakest hour with the world. Now that time has passed, do you see that the journey only made you stronger and that you will be a light of hope for others? Someday, someone will read your grief and your pain will touch their heart. They will feel less alone and recognize that you are brave and so are they. That is your gift, Ellie, to the readers and to me.

I could not have started this journey without you. Next month when I have to sit down and write the two hardest words, The End, I will have your bravery to see me through. 

Love always,

Your Creator, KM Hodge

Ps: Dear Readers, if you would like to know more about the story behind my writing the first book in my Syndicate Series check out my Blog article: Eighteen Years of Suspense. Yes, it did take me eighteen years to finish! 
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