Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Letter #6: Dear Characters In My Head (Susan)

Dear Susan,

You are new in my mind, but your ideals and dreams have always been with me. Our adventures began when I was invited to write a novella for a 20th century boxset. I chose to write a 1970’s novella.  I thought it would be fun to write a light romantic suspense novel that highlighted the funky music of the time. But you had different ideas for the story.

You immediately stepped forward out of the dark recesses of my mind with a fresh faced enthusiasm that warmed my bitter cold heart. You showed me that I needed to stay true to my brand, to myself. So I took up arms with you at my side encouraging me to let go of some of the hate and bitterness that comes with the swag bag of today’s womanhood.

We all carry with us the faint memories of the collective woman. Their blood sweat and tears are the proteins of our DNA. They inform and direct what we become. We add to these precognitive memories with experiences of our own, building new layers onto the communal memory. These experiences and voices are ours to learn from and grow--If we listen. I like to think that I am ready to hear what is being said. For now all I hear is your voice as you stand on your soapbox demanding equality, respect and freedom.

The Summer of ‘78 is going to be our feminist anthem. It will speak out against the oppression of women with a singular voice. I don’t know whether this voice we write together will ever really be heard or make any difference (sorry, age brings with it skepticism) but I am willing to try. Maybe if we all speak out things will change. I want to believe that this is possible. You make me want to try again.

Your creator,
KM Hodge

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