Wednesday, October 14, 2015

An Open Letter to the Characters in My Head.

My dearest cast of characters,

It’s nearly a year to the day that I decided to not give up on you. The day I committed to tell your story. The story you wanted told, regardless of how sad it was or how hard it was for me to write. And my loves it was sad, sad enough to make this stoic girl cry.

I didn't have high hopes for us back then. I just wanted to tell your story and share it with others. That seemed a hard enough task. You might recall that my expectations at the time were low. I would find myself telling friends and family that I would be happy if only 50 people read it. Now, less than a year later, thousands of people have taken a chance on you, on us.

Ellie, our elegy, flawed and rife with new writer failings has been met with acceptance and forgiveness.  I tried to tell your stories well, but I know I failed you all over and over again. So now I sit at the keyboard and try to clear up the gaffs, the failings of not knowing. So that readers don't have to turn a blind eye in order to hear your bittersweet words.

I know in a few months I will find myself once again standing at the beginning with you. This time around, I’m not frightened that you won't be loved because I know you will be by some. More people will hear your experiences and will feel like they aren't alone because your tragedies so closely resemble their own. I will once more get emails, text and Facebook messages from readers, who say that they mourn your losses and share your joys alongside us both.

Our time together is drawing near to the end. I know that when the time comes to close the chapter on your stories that we will rejoice and weep together. Because of you, I will never be the same. You’ve changed me and continue to change me for the better. For that I am forever grateful.

Love always,


PS: Readers if you want to know more about my publishing adventures and the story behind this letter check out my blog post: Partnering with Evolved Publishing.  Stay turned each Wednesday for a new letter. 

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  1. Amazing how real they are to us, and how chatty they can become in our heads! So happy for your accomplishments and can't wait to see where your journey takes you--and your characters--next!

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