Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Letter #2: Open Letter Series: Dear Characters in my head.

My Dearest Jason,

I took the long road in loving you. We both know it’s true. You and I are too much alike, the closest to me that not everyone sees. Jason, you are my failings, my bitterness, my drive and the part that makes it hardest to choose joy. But you are the one I turn to when I need to bend an ear. The one I ask advice from and in the end you are the one I hold most dear. You understand my passions and taste my bitter failings because they are your own.

I share these stories with you, they are ours. Well except for when Sally took over, but we both know she was right about the ending—though they (the readers) don’t know that yet. They don’t know the whole of it and I am anxious to share it with them. But we must wait. I know we don’t wait well. We tap our feet and glance at our watch. The time will be here soon enough and before we know it, everyone will know your story—our story.

Until then, sit with me and tell me the rest of the tale. We are so close to the end that I can taste it. The ending is clear but not the path to get there. Hold my hand one last time and walk with me, show me the way.

Love always,

Your Creator, KM

Dear readers, I hope you have enjoyed the second letter in my open letter series. Every Wednesday (October-November) I will be posting an open letter to one of my characters. In December I will be kicking off a letter series between two of my characters: Katherine and Ellie (Doc).

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