Thursday, November 26, 2015

Letter #7 (Vi): Dear Character in My Head

Dear Violeta,

My dearest Vi, your story is largely  unwritten and yet I feel as though you have always been there waiting for your story to be told. As the other characters pushed and shoved their way into the forefront of mind--demanding space and attention--you were waiting in the shadows. You're the kind of person who is always giving and letting others have their due.

Well my darling Vi, it’s finally your turn. So twirl and spin and take center stage with the others-- even if it scares you. Your struggles and triumphs as a caregiver will encourage others like me who walk in your shoes. I know you don't believe me but it is true.

This Thanksgiving as I celebrate with a very dear friend and her family I will think of you. Even though Brooke invites you to her elaborate Thanksgiving dinners every year you always eat at home alone with Joy. That one time when Joy got upset and had a meltdown scared you from ever wanting to go back. Brooke had assured you that it was okay and that it wasn't a big deal, but it was so embarrassing to have everyone eyes on you once again. At least at home Joy can be free to let loose. If she throws the food across the room no one else is there to watch you on your hands and knees cleaning it up. I do understand, Vi. More than I care to.

I know it is hard for you to find reasons to be thankful each year. The burdens of your life seem to be compounding with each passing year. I can’t promise that things will get easier or that you won’t experience challenges or losses. But I can promise that you are strong enough to face whatever the new year will bring.

Happy Thanksgiving Vi. May you find a way to choose joy.

Love always,

Your creator K.M. Hodge.

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