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Letters in Friendship #1: Dear Ellie (December 2011)

Dear Ellie,

The first snow of the season is falling. I’ve been sitting in your favorite chair by the bay window watching it dust the neighborhood in a blanket of white. I can’t seem to find the motivation to do anything else but sit here and write to you. Well and drink hot coffee. Always coffee. Jason found this new brand that we have become addicted to. I’m already on the third cup, my limit, my hands shake a little as I write. So forgive the handwriting.

I took your advice and started running again. It is hard being out in the open like that, but once I get going all the worries and anxiety seem to fall away. I've worked up to two miles. Nothing like what I was doing before, but I’m taking it slow. I’ve been trying to get Jason to come out running with me in the mornings, but I haven’t had much luck. It didn’t help my case when I took a bad spill the other day (who doesn’t salt their walks!). Thankfully nothing was hurt unless you count my pride. He used the accident as evidence to support his case that running was pointless.

He’s been spending a lot of time in his room working on his newest book. When it is going well he goes through coffee like it's water. He even wears a string around his wrist with a bolt hanging from it to remind himself that he is a work machine. When things aren’t going well, the bottles in the recycle bin start to overflow. I’m worried about him, but I don’t know what I can do to help him. I have a sinking feeling that I am part of the problem.

I miss you, Ellie. Things just haven’t been the same since you’ve been gone. It’s like the joy has been snuffed out of the house. I’ve been putting in long hours at the FBI. It's a comfort to have the work to fall back on again. I told Ben everything like you said I should. I haven't heard from him since, it's been two weeks. Just another person the Syndicate has caused me to lose.

Keep sending pictures. I can’t believe that you are swimming in December. I should move to Texas. I wouldn’t break my ass on ice there. Maybe I will come for a visit in January. I have a lot of time accumulated and they are threatening to dock my pay if I don’t start taking it. I’ll check tickets and let you know. 

Oh and don't think I haven't noticed that there is a commonality in all the pictures you post on Facebook. I would be remiss not to point out the totally hunky guy that dresses up all those pretty landscape pictures. You can't keep Mr. Dreamy a secret forever.

Love always,


Dear Readers, please let me know what you think about this new letter writing series. As long as there is interest I will be writing a letter a week up until the launch of the first book in the Syndicate Series, Red on the Run. If you like this one keep reading the series and subscribe to keep getting updates. 
1) Letter One: Dear Ellie (December 2011)
2) Letter Two: Dear Katherine (December 2011)

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