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Letters in Friendship: Dear Ellie (Jason)

January, 23, 2011

Dear Ellie,

I hope you girls are having a good time in the sunshine. I know Katherine has been looking forward to this trip for weeks. Please don't be offended that I didn't tag along. The deadline for my next book is looming over me and I find that it is hard to write these days. The panic attacks are always simmering just below the surface. I dream about the cabin every night and wake up with the lingering smell of blood. During the day I just try and stay busy and not think about it too much. It helps when Katherine is out, because just seeing her face brings it all back in one crushing blow. I'll get over it.

I've been working all morning. Today is a good writing day. The clickety-clack of the keyboard is the best sound in the world. When your fingers fly over them without pause. A freak warm spell has descended on Virginia and it is actually raining today. The thunder and the sound of the rain tapping on the windows in my bedroom are a comfort to me. Sorry, this letter is even bumming me out. Don't worry, I will be back to by bitter sarcastic self in no time.

Soak up some sun for me.


Dear Readers, please let me know what you think about this new letter writing series. As long as there is interest I will be writing a letter a week up until the launch of the first book in the Syndicate Series, Red on the Run.
1) Letter One: Dear Ellie (December 2011)

2) Letter Two: Dear Katherine (December 2011)

3) Christmas Card Special Edition 

4) Christmas Card Special Edition 2

I also have a series of open ended letters to the characters in my head that I have linked below. Finally, be sure you sign up for the mailing list. The last letter will go out to mailing list subscribers only. 

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