Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Letter #5 Open Letter Series: Dear Character in my head

Dear Katherine,

Almost nineteen years ago you invited me on a journey to writerhood. What resulted, what today I am working on final edits for, is all because of you. What had started as a fun science fiction story has became something bigger and deeper. It's because of you that I am using this medium to give voice to all the voiceless women out there.

Your experiences of abuse and the aftermath that followed has already been shared with over a thousand people from all over the world. In a few months more people will hear it again and maybe  readers from Kentucky to the UK will read it and not feel alone. I want survivors to read your story and hear the message that it isn't their fault and that their are people out there who can help. Doc said I should post some phone numbers so here it goes:

Thank you, Katherine for claiming me.

Love always,
Your creator, KM Hodge

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