Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The More You Read

Wednesday Women Write Edition 

Before I had children I was avid reader of all kinds of genres. When I became a mother this shifted. These days the books that I devour daily are no longer for my benefit but for the benefit of my children. 

When my oldest was born we read to him every night starting with his first night at home. When he turned three he started to show signs of wanting to learn to read on his own. By four he was reading simple words and eventually was devouring small picture books like candy. At seven and a half he is a voracious reader and I couldn't be prouder. It warms my heart to find him with a book in his hand. This summer my big boy read 60 chapter books!! This is amazing to me. (Read: Proud Mama). 

At first my youngest wanted to just eat books, but now at almost three LOVES them for their intended purpose. Lately we have been reading the same books over and over again. He currently loves books about food and potty training. The books pictured above have been in our current rotation.

1) He sing songs Eric Carle's "This is Monday" all day long!

2) "Everyone Poops" is a hit for kids and adults of all ages. Poop is funny.

3) "The Okay Book" is AWESOME. It tells children that it is okay to be who you are whether you are short or tall, big or small, freckled or wear glasses. It's Okay to be YOU!

4) "The Pigeon Eats a Hot Dog." For the pigeon books I do voices. Both of my boys love all of these books. This one has a good message about sharing. I have a warm spot in my heart for these pigeon books. 

If you have small children, what do they love to read? What did you loved to read as a child? 


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