Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dr. Scully Inspired me to Write

There weren't a lot women for a teen girl of the early 90's to look up to. Then Dana Scully came along and changed everything. Here was a confident woman, who was considered equal to her male counterpart. She was smart and challenged her partner with her intellect. I wanted to be her.

I also fell in love with the writing on the show. The long exposition heavy monologues were music to my ears. Now I have always been a writer in some form of fashion. I do recall selling speculative stories on the playground in the 3rd and 4th grade. In the 80's I found an old typewriter and spent a good couple of years writing on that. It wasn't until the X-files and my family getting a computer that I began to write in earnest.

2nd Edition of Book 1

My first novel was started in 1997. It had nothing to do with the paranormal but it did have a male and female FBI agents as the main characters. This novel, Red on the Run, was put aside for many years and wasn't completed until November 2014. I self published it in 2015 and was signed later that year with Evolved Publishing. They will be publishing the The Syndicate-Born Trilogy in 2016-2017. The second edition of this first book is going to be launched March 28, 2016.

A TV show I watched twenty-three years ago turned out to have a big impact on me as an adult. I couldn't be happier that in just four days I will be watching a brand new X-Files episode. Thank you Chris, Carter for making a show that made me want to believe...in me. Thank you Gillian Anderson for showing me through your character that it was okay to be confident and put myself out there.

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  1. It's so great to find role models wherever we can! congrats on your success.

  2. It would be cool if she read your book and liked it, and then found out she inspired you! :)

  3. Thank you Becky! LifewithBlondie, I would love it if she read my books. I did read hers after all :)